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Stage 1 Updates

Here is what we learnt in Stage 1 about 'what makes communities inclusive'.

What makes communities inclusive?

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I feel like it's all about everyone being able to equally engage in the environment in the community.  For people with disabilities there is a lot of restraint and they can't engage as much as other people.  It's also like equality is not enough, it should be equity so everyone has what they need to be able to engage in that community.  Because I feel like a community is about people and engagement, but also being able to access and work around a community. 

Young person participant

Preliminary Reflections

Connected Elements that make communities inclusive

  • Valuing and embracing our diversity and difference

  • Strong connections to people, place, nature 

  • Offer real choices and opportunities for all, with meaning and purpose

  • All voices matter

  • People are at the centre of urban-community planning and included from the start

  • Our neighbourhoods are all-encompassing -accessible, sustainable, supportive 

  • Foster Understanding and Respect

  • Engender places to have fun, relax, play, be creative

  • Reliable, available, affordable, accessible Transport and Housing

  • Local spaces for recreation, leisure and making connections – beaches, parklands, nature trails, walking areas, hubs for arts. 

  • Access to health and social services & activities

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