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What stops communities being inclusive?

Person in wheelchair accessing public tr
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Stage 1 Updates

Here is what we learnt in Stage 1 about 'what stopes communities being inclusive'.

Lonely was one that I picked because even in busy communities like X, there’s still a lot of lonely people...


Changing that culture from a young age I feel like really can help with the way it will remove this prominent element of prejudice that we see a lot from the boys at school.  I don’t really see many girls using slurs or anything like that...

Prejudice and Slurs

Yeah, and I think that we need to do more of that.  We need to stop just building big broad acre environments and stop banging on about, you know, affordable housing, it really shits me.  Oh, we’re going to build affordable housing.  I don’t see that.  I don’t feel it.  I don’t feel that integration.

Lack of Affordable Housing

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