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Ideas and Solutions

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Stage 1 Updates

Here is what we learnt in Stage 1 about ideas and solutions for inclusive communities.

  • People Centred – All People

  • Purposeful planning of communities

  • Design goes beyond minimal

  • Policy and strategies that work and enacted

  • Challenge the (-ve) perceptions – education

  • Engage and communicate multiple ways – from the start

  • Change is possible – willingness, build capacity, cases

  • Leadership – flexible, diverse, need actions


I also feel like within communities there needs to be a broader and a greater understanding for what people are going through.  So I feel like education is really important.  Being able to educate people to create that understanding for not just people living with a disability, but people living, like you said, with mental illness and other chronic diseases.  I feel like understanding and education is really important.  You can't grow any sort of respect or understanding without being educated and informed.

Education - Start Early

Young person participant

Education - Start Early

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