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This research project is interested in making communities inclusive for all.

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Queensland University of Technology's (QUT) Dr Lisa Stafford with the support of regional local governments in Australia (including Clarence City Council and Gympie Regional Council ), is finding out how we can better plan communities to be more inclusive for all people across all ages.

The focus is on people with disabilities and/or chronic illness (including people with mental health needs).

Disability is a natural part of human diversity, and everyone will have an experience of disability over their life. Whether this is oneself, a family member, friend or colleague. People with a disability can be any age (from birth through to older age), race, gender and class.  Disability can also be temporary or episodic.

Group of diverse people with disabilities and/or chronic illness.
Various people from the community inlcuding people with disabilities, council workers, business owners, etc.

Everyone's involvement is needed to make communities inclusive for all.

Over the next three years, we will be seeking input from all community members to increase understanding of what inclusive community means and how we can better plan to achieve this.

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