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Briefing Paper

Resource Post - 12/01/2021

Resource Post - 15/10/2020

Image - The Others – a representation of ableism playing out in everyday built environment (Stafford & Voltz, 2016 p.2).

Briefing Paper Editorial Introduction

To read the Briefing Paper, download the word document below.

Disabled people continue to experience exclusion by design in our everyday spaces, infrastructure and services, which has been magnified through the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, more than ever, there is an opportunity for urban and regional planning practitioners, researchers and disabled people to come together to advocate for and create inclusive, sustainable communities for all. However, to make this transformative, we must first critically question how well do we really consider human diversity in planning cities, towns and regions? This question is examined in this briefing paper by contesting entrenched challenges like ‘ableism’ before providing fundamental starting points for planners in planning more inclusive and just communities for all.

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