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Stage 1 - Complete

Note - this page is from Stage 1 of the project. Stage 1 is now complete.

Community Chats

The community chats are occurring in six (6) locations across the eastern shores of Hobart to gather local experiences, views, and ideas about making communities more inclusive for all people, all ages. 


  • Cambridge  - 2 September 

  • Howrah  - 8 September

  • Risdon Vale - 18 September

  • Rosny - 2 October

  • Clarence Plains  - 15 October

  • South Arm Peninsula -  31 October 

Ilustration of a diverse range of hands surround a large paper making notes and pointing.

A community chat:

  • will be up to 20 people.

  • be face to face - unless covid restrictions.

  • take two (2) hours.

  • facilitated by Lisa, the lead researcher.

  • an artist will be there to draw the group ideas and actions being shared.

What you share in the chats is up to you.

  • share ideas or stories in small or larger group conversation,

  • write your ideas on anonymous sticky notes,

  • make comments on butchers’ paper, or

  • draw ideas.  

  • What is created during the chats will be copied/uploaded by the researcher.

  • Assistant facilitators will also be present to help.

  • The chats will be audio recorded.  

  • Food will be provided for participants

Office environemnt, people around a desk watching someone present.
People gathered around a desk making notes.

Who is it for?

Illustration of a diverse group of community members

We are interested in hearing from people with disabilities, chronic illness, local council staff, local community organisations, local businesses, planners/ architects/developers and other general community members.

The chats are supported by the Clarence Access Network including Clarence City Council, Disability Voices Tasmania, Mission Australian PITC, THS- Health Promotion, and Young Leaders of Tasmania.

Clarence City Council Logo

Everyone who lives, works or studies in the Clarence City Council and the Greater Hobart area 

9 years and older symbol

People 9 years and over (if under 18, you will need parent/guardian consent)

Pre-registration Essential. 

  • Only people who have pre-registered for the community chats can participate.

  • Pre-registration involves completing the consent & registration form - see below. This  includes consent to participate in the research, registering for a  community chat location, and outlining any specific needs to aid participation.

  • You can register using the online form, by downloading the form and emailing it, or by phone. 

  • Places are limited.

Information Sheet Symbol

1. Before Registering

Read the participant information

This is information is at the front of the online consent and registration form

Easy Read Symbol

Easy Read Version

You can also read the participant information sheet below. Click on the button to download the participant information sheet.

2.  Complete Registration and Consent Here

We need your registration and consent to participate. The registration and consent form asks if you have read the participant information sheet and if you understand what is involved. This is giving your consent to participate.

You can do this on the online  - click the link


Easy Read Symbol

Easy Read Version

If you would like help to do this over the phone contact Lisa - lead researcher

Phone Symbol

phone 03 6226 2143

Or you can down load the forms below, complete and return.

Overhead shot of someone making notes

3. Preparing for the Community Chat

To help, you can write down some ideas to share or you can bring along photos that shows:

  • what makes communities inclusive - this could include images of spaces, infrastructure, places, etc.

  • what you would change or add to make community more inclusive for people of all ages, all disabilities.

This could include notes or images of areas that currently don’t work or don’t help to make community inclusive, for example lack of infrastructure, spaces, lack of connectivity for active mobility, and/or aesthetics.

If bringing photos /pictures, please avoid any with people’s faces in it for privacy.

Several photographs laid out on a surface
Photo of someone making notes by the water

How to Join a Chat?

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