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Stage 2 - In progress

Note - this page is from Stage 2 of the project. Stage 2 is currently in progress.

Storyboard transformed to Virtual Reality

Creating Stories for  Films Project

The creating stories for films project will work with a small group of people in a series of workshops to co-create stories about making communities inclusive.

The stories will be turned into Virtual Reality animation films. The films will help improve awareness and understanding in planning inclusive communities.

Who is it for?

Man with a speech bubble
Man with a seeing eye dog.
Lady in a wheelchair.

Everyone who lives, in small cities and towns in Australia. Not Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

Symbol of people with disabilties

People with disability, neurodiversity and chronic illness

Symbol showing 18 - 30

People aged 18 - 30 years

Want to be involved?

Information Sheet Symbol

1. Before you apply...

Please read the participant information sheet. Click on the button below to download the participant information sheet.

Easy Read Symbol

Easy Read Version

Person signing their consent.

2. Expression of Interest and Your Consent

We are looking for 6 people to be part of this project. You can tell us your interested by completing the expression of interest consent form. Nominations close 17 February 2023. 

The consent form asks if you:

  • have read the participant information sheet,

  • understand what is involved, and

  • are Ok to participate in all the workshops.

Complete and submit Online

Complete and submit by Word Document

Easy Read Symbol

Easy Read Version

The team will contact you about your expression of interest. They will tell you if you have been selected for the project.

What's Involved?

Person on computer participating in online workshop.

Participants will be involved in a series of four online workshops.  

Cartoon style image of people using puzzle peices to create a light bulb.

Workshop 1 - 3

The first three workshops are about the Story Co-creation.

  • Workshop 1 starts with blank board

  • Workshop 2 and 3 builds the story until we are finished

Laptop showing video

Once the stories are finished a film maker will make short films from the stories

Person using Virtual Reality Googles.

Workshop 4

The fourth workshop reviews and finalises the short films produced from the stories.

Researcher and participant talking over the phone

If you have any questions or would like support to complete the form, please contact Dr Lisa Stafford Lead Researcher  

Phone Symbol

phone 03 6226 2143

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