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People are disabled by society, not individual impairments, so it’s society that needs fixing.

Read Dr Lisa Stafford's article on ableism and the struggle for spatial justice.


Resource - Ableism and the struggle for spatial justice

Dr Naomi Stekelenburg is in conversation with Dr Lisa Stafford about what it takes to design inclusive research. Dr Stafford's razor sharp analysis and years of experience working in inclusivity research will call to question some of the norms and assumptions made in research design.


Latest News - Healthy Dialogue Week - Inclusion and Disability

This seminar was presented by Dr Lisa Stafford, ARC Decra Fellow, on 7 September 2020, looking at how well do we really consider human diversity in planning cities and regions?


Resource - Planning Inclusively: Approaches to making our communities just for all

Tune in to this ICAN Radio segment, an initiative of Clarence Access. Learn about how Young Leaders of Tasmania (YLOT) and Dr Lisa Stafford, lead researcher for Planning Inclusive Communities are connecting with community members of Clarence to make a more inclusive community.


Latest News - ICAN Radio Segment initiative of Clarence Access:  YLOT and Planning Inclusive Communities 

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