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Stage 2 - In progress

Note - this page is from Stage 2 of the project. Stage 2 is now in progress.

Various arms reaching over paper that says 'Plan better by working together'

Community of Practice for Urban and Regional Planners 

Planning more inclusive communities will be pivotal in the reshaping of Australian cities and towns to engender equality, belonging and wellbeing in a rapidly changing world. We are establishing a community practice of planners to help guide practice in planning inclusively.

Let's make change...

In Stage 1 of this research we heard from planners and other built environment professionals about the tensions and challenges  that exist in day to day practice in planning for equity and access.

We also heard good examples, workarounds and where change is needed to better plan cities and communities for all people - our body-mind diversity.

With the support of the Planning Institute of Australia, we are building on these ideas by establishing a community of practice of planners (COPP) in 2023 as part of stage 2 of the research project.

The community of Practice will consist of:

  • up to 10 practicing urban and regional planners and Dr Lisa Stafford.

  • 6 online workshops addressing certain areas of planning.

The intended outcome is co-created resources to guide practice in planning inclusively. 

We are calling for nominations now up until 14 April 2023! 

Simple map with starting point and destination.
People working together on a practice guide.

Who is it for?

Diverse group of planners

Practicing urban and regional planners who live in cities and towns in Australia. 

Symbol of people with disabilties

We encourage practicing planners who identify having disability, neurodiversity, or long-term health needs to nominate. 

Want to nominate?

Information Sheet Symbol

1. Before you apply...

Please read the participant information sheet. Click on the button below to download the participant information sheet.

Person signing their consent.

2. Expression of Interest and Your Consent

We are looking for 10 planners to be part of this project. You can nominate by completing the expression of interest and consent form by 14 April 2023.

The form asks if you:

  • have read the participant information sheet,

  • understand what is involved, and

  • are Ok to participate in all the workshops.

Complete and submit Online

Complete and submit by Word Document

The team will contact you about your expression of interest. They will tell you if you have been selected for the project.

Researcher and participant talking over the phone

If you have any questions or would like support to complete the form, please contact Dr Lisa Stafford Lead Researcher  

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phone 03 6226 2143

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