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Just Cities and Communities

Cartoon style graphic of two ladies placing puzzle peices together to form lightbulb

Change Makers

Just cities and communities is a series of educational conversations showcasing women with disabilities who are doing their bit to change the world.

We invite you to learn from these knowledgeable change makers who share their experiences and insights about making our cities just and inclusive for everyone.

Elisha is a woman aged in her 40s with olive complexion, short auburn hair and sits in a powered wheelchair.

Elisha Matthews


Elisha Matthews is a disability rights activist using social media to influence change to break down the attitudinal barriers to disability inclusion. As an independent consultant and public speaker Elisha works with peak bodies like Queenslanders with Disability Network to facilitate disability awareness training and consult with both government and private sectors to build inclusive communities.


A picture of Mildred seated at the balcony of a house with white grills and black sky in the background, she is wearing a black Ankara blouse with white and red prints. She has afro hairstyle and is wearing spectacles.

Mildred Omino


Mildred is a Feminist, Disability Justice Activist and Atlantic Fellow for Health Equity. She is Disability Liaison Officer at the University of Nairobi and runs Equity Voice , a platform for intersectional topics on disability. She is a member of the Just Cities Working Group, Kenya Network of Women with Disabilities and has written articles and held various speaking engagements. Mildred is experienced in using United Nations Treaty Bodies for disability rights advocacy; in particular the CRPD, CEDAW and CESCR Conventions. She is an Alumni of Institutes and Programs including FLAMBRI,  DSROI, and PLGP. Her background is in Public Administration and Inclusivity.                       


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