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Stage 1 - Complete

Note - this page is from Stage 1 of the project. Stage 1 is now complete.

Get Involved
Urban and Regional Planners and other Built Environment Professionals

Four town planners in a discussion.

About the Project

Overall the project wants to show how we can plan communities to be more inclusive of people with disabilities, chronic illness and mental illness of all ages, particularly in urban-rural fringe and regional areas.

Couple Enjoying Outdoor

Our aim for this stage of the research is to:

  • understand how access and inclusion is currently incorporated in practice,

  • learn what has worked and why, through shared practice examples,

  • learn where tensions still exist, and

  • identify opportunities and what is needed (short to long term) to help make inclusion an everyday practise.

Happy Girl with Glasses

Who can be involved?

With the support of the Planning Institute of Australia we are hoping to engage widely with Australian planners and other built environment professionals. 

This includes:

  • People working in urban, urban-rural fringe, peri-urban, regional and remote areas in Australia.

  • All ages - young to experienced planners

  • Any role -  including strategic planning, statutory planning-development, spatial planning, place making, infrastructure, transport, open space and urban design, and community planning. 

A Man and a Woman looking at a Design

How to Get Involved?

There are different ways to get involved to share your experiences, know-how, and ideas.

Complete Short Online Anonymous Survey

Person completeing Survey

Short, online anonymous 10min survey about planning for inclusion in day-to-day practice.

Survey Link

Information Sheet

Submit a practise example 

A rapid transit train with accessible platform with shade trees.

Submit a practise example of doing inclusion using the online or word template.  This is like a brief award submission. This could take around 15 mins. There is also an option of a follow up interview. 

Information Sheet

Complete & Submit  Online

Complete & Submit by Word Document

Email the completed Practise-Led Case Example Word document template to

Have a 1:1 Chat   - Research Interview

Two people on a video call

30-45min chat mainly online with the researcher about incorporating access and inclusion in day to day practice. 

Send us an email to request a chat interview.

Information Sheet

Consent Form

Researcher and participant talking over the phone

If you have any questions or would like support to get involved, please contact us.

Phone symbol

03 6226 2143

This project is funded by the Australian Research Council under DE190101512 - ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA).

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