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Get Involved Video and Transcript


To watch the transcript in real-time with the video. Visit the video 'Planning Inclusive Communities: Get Involved' via youtube.

This video explains the Planning Inclusive Communities research project.

The research is led by Dr Lisa Stafford.

The project is about making communities inclusive for People with disabilities and chronic illness in regional areas.

When we say community, we mean the area where you live.

Your home.

When we say inclusive, we mean you have the same opportunities to participate in everyday things in your community, like everyone else.

Two regional councils are involved in the research, Clarence City Council, Tasmania, and Gympie Regional Council, Queensland.

We are at the first stage of the research.

We want to find out what inclusive communities means to people.

We also want to find out about your community and how inclusive it is.

Getting involved in the research

If you live, work, study or own a business in the Clarence City Council or Gympie Regional Council area, we invite you to have your say.

This includes People with disabilities and chronic illness, local council staff, local community organisations, local businesses, planners, architects, developers and other general community members.

If you are under the age of 18 you will need signed guardian consent.

There are four ways you can get involved.

You can complete a short questionnaire, a storyboard project, a photovoice project or have chat with a researcher.

The questionnaire.

The questionnaire is a 9-question survey for people 18 years.

The storyboard project.

The storyboard project uses storytelling, pictures and drawings to show us what inclusive community means to you.

The storyboard project is for People with disabilities or chronic illness.

The photovoice project.

In the photovoice project you take photos and videos and then tell us about them in a chat.

You can have the chat in a group or 1:1 with the researcher. You choose.

Have a chat.

Having a chat is a research interview with one of the Planning Inclusive Community Research Team.

We will ask you questions about inclusive communities.

You can have the chat in a group or 1:1 with the researcher. You choose.

For more information about getting involved visit

If you have any questions you can email us at

Or call us on (07) 3138 4595

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