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Photovoice Project Video and Transcript


This is a film about getting involved in the Planning Inclusive Communities Research Project.

The research is let by Dr Lisa Stafford.

This is a Photovoice Project.

A Photovoice Project helps you to tell your story.

In this activity, we are asking you to show us what inclusive community means to you.

You take photos or a video and then tell us about them.

In this video, we will explain how to do a Photovoice Project, key pointers to take the photos or videos and what happens after.

All information about the Photovoice Project can be found on our Project website –

Before you start your Photovoice Project, make sure you have read the Participant Information sheet and understand what is involved.

If you are unsure about any of this information, please stop and ask someone you know well for help.

You can also contact Lisa, email - or phone - 07 3138 4595.

How to do Photovoice Project

There are two things we would like you to do:

First, take 1 to 6 photos or a short video that shows us what helps make you and people with disabilities feel included.

Second, take 1 to 6 photos or a short video of things to fix to make community better for people with disabilities.

This might include photos or videos of activities you do, places you go or services you use, like the library or bus.

What to use to take your photos or videos?

You can use your camera.

Your phone or tablet.

You can use  a video camera to take video. Like a GoPro.

If you don’t have a device to take a photo on, please email us at and we can post you a disposal camera.

Key pointers for taking photos and videos.

You can ask a family member or friend to help you.

You can take a picture of something that reminds you of an experience. 

Take photos of whole objects.

Try to include the setting in the photos.

Avoid taking pictures of people’s faces.

Only take photos of people from behind.

Avoid taking photos directly into the sun.

Try to have the light behind you or take the photo in the shade to help make the photo as clear as possible.

Check your photo and take another if you’re unsure.

You can also find these pointers in the Participant Information sheet.

What happens after you have completed taking the photos or videos.

Once you have completed taking your photos and videos, contact the research team.

You can email us at or phone us 07 3138 4595.

We will then contact you to make a time to interview you about your photos or videos.

We call this a chat.

We will ask you about the photos and videos you have captured.

You can have a chat by yourself with the interviewer or in a group.

You can choose.

The chat may occur 1 -2 months later.

We will ask you if we can record the chat. 

We may use your answers later, but your name will not be used. 

With this information, we will write a report.

We may use parts of your photos and videos to create a collective visual story.

We will keep information about you safe.

Your private information stays private.

You can stop the Photovoice Project at any time.

If you are unsure about any of this information, please stop, and ask someone you know well to help.

You can also contact the researcher, Dr Lisa Stafford.

Email - or Phone - 07 3138 4595.

All information about the Photovoice Project can be found on our project website -

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