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This page is about a research project.

People standing together in front of houses in the community.

The research is about planning communities to be inclusive of people with disabilities.


When we say community we mean the area where you live. Your home. For example, you live in a suburb in the Clarence City Council area.

Shillouttes of People with and without disabilities.

When we say inclusive we mean you have the same opportunities to participate in everyday things in your community like everyone else.

Various people from the community.

We want to make communities inclusive for everyone.

The Plan

Three calendars in a green circle.

This project will go for 3 years.

Question mark next to an inclusive community.

 We want to find out what an inclusive community means.

Person in wheelchair accessing public transport. A tick and cross above the bus questioning if it is accessible or not.

We want to know how we can better plan communities for everyone.

Speech Bubbles

We want to hear from everyone in the community.

Symbols of accessible features including buildings, information and transport.

Our aim is to develop a way to do things better.

The Local Councils

Two hands shaking.

QUT is working with two chosen local regional councils:

Clarence City Council Logo

Clarence City Council, Tasmania


Gympie Regional Council Logo

Gympie Regional Council, Queensland.


Australian Research Council Logo

The project is funded by the Australian Research Council.

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