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Planning Inclusively: Approaches to making out communities just for all

Dr Lisa Stafford

Latest News - 24/11/2020

This seminar was presented by Dr Lisa Stafford, ARC Decra Fellow, on 7 September 2020, looking at how well do we really consider human diversity in planning cities and regions? As planners we speak about making just places, yet exclusion persists. This seminar will draw on Lisa’s research and lived, practice-based experiences to illustrate essential ways to disrupt ableism and help create sustainable inclusive communities for all.

The seminar sought to open conversation and ideas exchange, as now more than ever is a critical opportunity for planners to come together to address and advocate for sustainable inclusive communities for all. But first we need to ask the question: How well do we really consider human diversity in planning cities, towns, and regions? As planners we speak of values and principles about making communities just through addressing social spatial inequalities. Yet in relation to people with disabilities, what does justice look like in policy and day to day practice - as exclusion persists.

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