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This page is about a research project.

The research project is called Planning Inclusive Communities.

Queensland University of Technology Logo

The research is by Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

Dr. Lisa Stafford, lead reseacher for Planning Inclusive Communities

The researcher is Dr. Lisa Stafford.

QUT is working with two chosen local regional councils:

Clarence City Council Logo

Clarence City Council, Tasmania


Gympie Regional Council Logo

Gympie Regional Council, Queensland.

People standing together in front of their houses.

The research is about planning communities to be inclusive of people with disabilities.

People with different disabilities.

When we say disability, we mean all disabilities including chronic illness.


When we say community we mean the area where you live. Your home. 

House in the Clarence City Council Area.

For example, you live in a suburb in the Clarence City Council area.

Group of diverse people.

When we say inclusive we mean you have the same opportunities to participate in everyday things in your community like everyone else.

We want to make communities inclusive for everyone.

To Start

Question mark next to an inclusive community.

 We want to know what an inclusive community means to you?

Various people from the community.

Everyone who lives, work, study in the two council areas can be involved.

You can be involved in two ways

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Complete a 5 question Storyboard and Interview.

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The Storyboard is for people 9 years and older.

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People under 18 will need parental or guardian consent.

For more information about the Storyboard go to the Storyboard Project page.


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Complete a 9 Question survey.

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The Questionnaire is for people 18 years and over.

For more information about the Storyboard go to the Storyboard Project page.

Researcher and participant talking over  the phone.

If you have questions about the research project you can contact Dr. Lisa Stafford.

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phone 03 6226 2143

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